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Blunted ‘Clementine’ Vape Cartridge

Blunted ‘Clementine’ Vape Cartridge

(Tangie x Lemon Skunk)

Clementine rises to distinction with a fragrance that blends fresh, sweet citrus oranges. In addition to oranges, some note a lemon aroma as well that enhances the sativa experience. When consumed, Clementine tastes like a delicious piece of citrus, a perfect mix of sour and sweet. Unlike some strains, this is one flavor profile you won’t mind having last on the tongue for a bit. Like a true sativa, Clementine delivers an energizing, uplifting all around positive feeling to its consumers. It is known to help people loosen up while moving through the day. Those looking for a quick affecting strain should also consider Clementine as it takes hold quickly without overwhelming the spirit.

1 g $45
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