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Blunted ‘Durban Poison’ Vape Cartridge

Blunted ‘Durban Poison’ Vape Cartridge

When discussing the top strains in the history of cannabis, it’s just about impossible to exclude Durban Poison from the conversation. Durban Poison’s aromatic profile is known for combining some of the most pleasant notes in cannabis, bringing together sweet and sour with Earth, pinecitrus has been one of the reasons cultivators and consumers go gaga for Durban Poison. Fans of Durban Poison are sure to point the sativa-like effects that the strain delivers. Consumers use it when they want to stay productive and awake above all else. In addition to powering through the day, Durban Poison is noted for providing consumers with a rush of creative energy that’s sure to be uplifting. In some cases, people have reported feeling an urge to explore, making it a potentially ideal choice for a hike or jaunt in the city. With an almost entirely spiritual high, Durban Poison provides a good deal of emotional relief to a range of people. Furthermore, its tendency to boost energy and attention makes it a viable option for those struggling to focus on creative work.

1 g $45
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